A Backup is not a Continuity Plan

A Backup is NOT a Business Continuity Plan There is a belief in the IT user community that by having a backup they are also secure against substantial downtime in the event of a system crash. This is a fallacy. You need to be aware that a backup protects your data, operating system and settings. If your system crashes and your backup is running as it should then you will be able to recover. However, how long will it take? What is the process? Who is on the "call list?" Can any work still be done and how? These and other questions must be answered before the crash happens. If your backup is in the cloud ­ and it should be ­ then the recovery is dependent upon the internet speed. There are usually issues with passwords and it is important to have them documented. It may take a full day to get a hard drive or motherboard and 1 ­ 3 hours to install it. Now the restore can start. During this time the staff is idle. Money is lost every minute. Five hundred gigs of data could take all day depending on your internet speed and other factors. So in a best case scenario you are out of service for one to two days. Once the backup is restored the assumption is that it will just work. Well it probably won't. If you have roaming profiles they may not restore properly. Rights and printers may not have restored properly. These all have to be tested. If you wait until the restore completes for this you could have issues that still have to be corrected. This could take many more hours. Probably a few days as nuances arise. The solution is to invest in a proper and professional Business Continuity Plan. Your IT service company should be able to provide this and should also be advising you of this. It should be developed and tested and accompanied with a hard copy of the plan. Don't accept that the plan is electronic and on their site. Get your plan so any IT service company has something to consult. Remember your IT service provider may change. If you pay for something you are entitled to a hard copy of it. Good luck.

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