A New Wave of Cryptolocker has just shown up!

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A new wave of Cryptolocker has just showed up!



As the latest announcement of PC security experts claims, people should expect a new wave of Cryptolocker. At the moment of writing, you are at the biggest risk of getting infected with this threat (or other its variants) if you live in Australia and Europe. However, even if you live in USA or Far East countries, you should still be very careful when opening email attachments or when clicking on commercial pop-up ads because there is a huge possibility that, seeking to increase their income, hackers will start spreading this ransomware in each of world's regions.

It is known that the most of security vendors have already updated their tools so they could recognize new versions of Cryptolocker ransomware before their infiltration. Nevertheless, you should still avoid email messages asking you to download "important" attachments to your computer. In addition, you should stay away from pop-up ads that show up during people's browsing. If an alert informs you about missing updates and offers you to download them for free, you should stay away from it. It's always safer to visit the official website of the program to see what is missing on your computer.

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